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Find rest and breathtaking views in one of the finest houses around Midi-Pyrénées, France

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Pech Guillou is often described as one of the most beautiful houses in the area, it rests as one of the only traditional stone manoir houses on top of a hill. Because of its unique location, the medieval hunting lodge offers breathtaking views which have changed little over the centuries.

The weather in the area is always mild with very warm summers. From June till September the weather is comparable to the Provence. The house has full central heating, so it’s ideal for use outside the normal holiday season. While winter weather can never be guaranteed, the winters here are usually mild.

If you want something else than a lazy afternoon you can explore the exciting region.

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Swimming pool and romantic garden
Large swimming pool
Plenty of
Plenty of information
An outdoor
An outdoor kitchen
Fully equiped
Fully equiped kitchen
Big family
dining room
Big family dining room
Comfy lounge
Comfy lounge area
4 Master
4 Master bedrooms
4 rooms
for kids
4 rooms for kids
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Castle tour
Castle tour

The area around Pech Guillou counts over a thousand castles, you can enjoy for example Duras Castle or Châteaux de Bonaguil.

Countryside activities
Countryside activities

On the domain you can play a game of tabletennis and jeux de boules or you can step outside and enjoy horseback riding, canooing, hiking, tennis, para sailing, paragliding or cycling.


There is a wide variety of markets in the area. For the real taste of Summer in France, don't miss one of the Marché Gourmand Nocturn. You can find a detailed guide in the house.


Enjoy a delicious meal with breathtaking views in one of the many bastide villages around the corner. You can find a list of great restaurants in the house.